Ep 24 – Willy Nilly Wonder Billy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 | HotScast Episode #24 | Hosts: Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys), & Kali (NerdiChar)
Special Guests: none

HotSCast - Calm Before the Storm Heroes of the Storm Alpha End


Ril: Ladies and Gentlemen, Heroes of all ages, welcome back to the Heart of the Storm! This is episode number 24 of HotSCast, recorded 10pm on the right coast, 1st October, 2014.

HotSCast is the Heroes of the Storm podcast for the people, the players, the Heroes, often off-topic and always rail-free. I am your host Vincent, aka Rilandune. With me as always are my intrepid co-hosts

Mike, a.k.a. Fimlys, a.k.a. [Ril’s crazy name]:

Mike: Quick hello and witty something, 140 chars or less (twitter style) – “This is your fault. I’m going to kill you. And all the cake is gone. You don’t even care, do you?” (Portal)

Ril: What have you been playing this week?

Mike: Destiny.. And Gauntlet. Not much Heroes though. :(

and Kali, a.k.a. NerdiChar, a.k.a. [Ril’s crazy name]:
Quick hello and witty something, 140 chars or less (twitter style) – Okay listeners, I was really bummed last show when no one tweeted me the answer to my video game quote! Don’t let me down this week! The quote is, “You were almost a Jill sandwich!” Name that game. (Resident Evil)

Ril: What have you been playing this week? – Tons of WoW, I am in the mad dash to get all my toons to 90 before the xpac hits. Also, on Monday, 9/22, I had a guest spot on Hearthcast, which was super fun! We talked about “what Blizzard knows about you,” and I promptly made a tin foil hat after we went over that information. You can listen to episode #236 at http://www.hearthcast.com/.

Ril: Quick BlizzCon update! Blizzard released the exclusive Heroes goodies for BlizzCon attendees and viewers, which include the Ethereal Nexus Charger mount and a Nexus Brawler portrait. Check out the show notes for a link to view the items.

Link to view the items: http://www.heroesnexus.com/news/1204-heroes-of-the-storms-blizzcon-goody-exclusive

And now, onto the news.


This Week in Heroes

Ril: The Tech Alpha is now officially down and will be back online October 7. Why, you ask? If you are part of the tech alpha, you saw this email on September 20:

“We’re gearing up to enter the final phase of Technical Alpha, and there are several items you’ll want to keep in mind as it approaches. This is an exciting milestone for Heroes of the Storm. Preparing for this phase includes an account wipe, and we’d like to give you a rundown of everything you’ll need to know.

All Heroes Temporarily Available

We’re shutting down the Heroes of the Storm Shop on September 22. At that time, you will be unable to make any purchases using Gold or real money. However, we don’t want that to put a damper on your latest matchmaking win-streak. We’re thrilled to let you know that while the Shop is offline, all 29 Heroes in the Technical Alpha lineup will be available for play in the free Hero rotation!”

Ril: Kali, why don’t you tell us what Blizzard had to say about starting fresh.

Kali: Starting Fresh

“The week after we shut down the shop, we’ll bring the Technical Alpha service offline for more than a week of extended maintenance. During this time, you’ll be unable to login or play Heroes of the Storm and we’ll reset everyone’s Heroes accounts. Once the Nexus is brought back online, it will be as though you’re starting fresh with a brand new account. This means that any leveling progression you’ve made, rewards you’ve unlocked, in-game Gold you’ve earned, and any purchases you’ve made with real-money or Gold prior to the wipe will be reset.

However, kindly keep in mind that following the account wipe, any real money you spent thus far during play testing has not been lost and will be refunded to your Battle.net Balance. Even though you’ll be starting fresh at level one, you’ll still be able to use the refunded money to pick up that shiny Bundle Pack, Mount, or Skin you might have had your eye on over the last few weeks. As an added bonus, anyone who made a real-money purchase during the Technical Alpha will receive an exclusive Wonder Billie Mount!

This is the final planned Heroes of the Storm account wipe and monetary refund. Our goal is to avoid future player and hero progression wipes after we come back online, but we may still need to adjust or wipe player progression with future updates. Don’t worry, though, because we’ll give you ample warning if that ever becomes necessary. What we do know is that from the moment we bring Heroes back online after this wipe, purchases you make in the Shop will be permanent. So get those Heroes, Bundles, Skins, and Mounts with the confidence that you won’t need to acquire them again.”

Ril: Good stuff! So, the Legend of Zelda originally taught us that it’s dangerous to go alone. Mike, tell us why Blizzard wants us to remember that important lesson:

Mike: It’s Dangerous to Go Alone.

“Once Heroes is back online, all current players will be moved to their home Battle.net region. When this occurs, a number of things will happen:

You will lose access to the friends list you built in the Heroes Technical Alpha thus far. But you will regain access to your normal Battle.net friends list that you share with all other Blizzard games, including Diablo® III, Hearthstone®, StarCraft® II, and World of Warcraft®.
Your friends in other Blizzard games will now see you as playing Heroes of the Storm and be able to communicate with you across games.
If you wish to remain in contact with friends you made to this point in the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha, take down their BattleTags (both the account name and unique ID number) now, and add them to your friends list after the wipe. Please note however, that some of the friends you made in the Alpha may have a different home Battle.net region than you do, so it will not be possible to friend them unless you are in the same home region.

Though a lot of what’s happening is on the backend and not immediately visible to testers, all of the work we’re doing on this transition is a major step for Heroes of the Storm. For testers, we appreciate your patience through this process as we move forward in the development of the game. Until next time, we hope you’ll enjoy queuing up with our entire Hero lineup starting next Monday, and we’ll see you in the Nexus!

– Heroes of the Storm team”

Ril: We have two articles to cover this week.

Topic #1

Ril: Blizzard, via Vaeflare, introduced Battleground pages on August 27. These are interactive maps which include videos of key objectives, mercenary camps, points of interest, and more! Whether you’ve been out traversing the Nexus for months or are still eagerly waiting to jump into the fray, there’s always something new to discover.

Vaeflare says to look for fun details such as the notorious kraken, demonic pig, fisherman, drawbridge, outhouse, and sunken treasure chest.

Mike: [response]

Kali: These are such a great idea! For you min-maxers that don’t have game access, I would suggest to go read over these pages and get ready for the game when it goes live for you. We have played a few games that were close and we were able to secure the win by getting a merc camp or other objective. Think of these pages as the first of many strategy guides to come.

Link to the article: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/15487815

Topic #2

Ril: We briefly mentioned on the last show that Heroes now has an official league. We need to correct that because there are now at least 3 leagues that have already started to host tournaments. The ESV Champions League is a tournament of 8 North American teams. Playoffs begin October 1st.

Mike: Gosu gamers said, “The league promises to provide insight on the competitive side of Heroes of the Storm, a game still in alpha, making its first steps into eSports. The teams themselves are those occupying the highest MMR peaks in the game and are comprised of popular Heroes streamers and eSports figures from different games.” For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term MMR, it stands for “Match Making Rating.” In games, this is the internal, typically hidden rating that is used to match you with other players in ranked games.

Kali: There are some famous StarCraft II players on the ESV Champions League teams. Gosu Gamers made a good point, “I just find it fascinating that these players are coming from a game that requires incredible micro [managing] to be superior, to something that focuses on one unit alone.” That is kind of how I feel changing from last hitting in League to the team objectives in Heroes.

Ril: There is also the Heroes Premier League, which has 20 teams between North America and Europe. Their playoffs begin on December 1st.

Mike: And last but not least, the mYinsanity-VersaSphere North American Invitational currently has 4 teams. Those matches began on September 17th.

Kali: Make sure to check out the links in the show notes for access to the match videos. I’ve watched a few and they are so intense! And Ril, now you can start practicing your shout casting! :)

Link to the articles: http://www.lazygamer.net/general-news/heroes-of-the-storm-gets-its-first-league/



Ril: It’s been a while since we included this segment in the show, and we apologize for that guys. There has just been so much news to talk about lately that we haven’t had time for much else! I guess that’s actually quite a good thing, when you think about it.
So for this Heroes 101 segment, we’re going to talk about the concept of “counter-picking.” Kali, since you are the resident League of Legends expert, why don’t you tell us more about this concept within LoL for a comparison.
Kali: We are finally getting to see some competitive play in HotS, so hopefully a “meta,” possibly with “laning,” will emerge. While we await those details, let’s talk about how counter-picking works in League and relate it to what we currently know about HotS.
With counter-picking, you try to choose heroes that are strong against their matched competitor. So, for example, if I was playing AP Carry in mid lane on League (think magic damage assassin), and the other team chose Veiger, I would choose Syndra. The reason is that Syndra’s range is much longer than Veiger’s, so she can poke him all day long and prevent him from farming. This negatively affects him throughout the laning phase and puts him behind on gold for the entire match.
How does that translate in Heroes? Well, let’s pretend the meta is that mid lane always has a solo Assassin. If I see the other team choose Kerrigan, I might choose Nova so that I can poke Kerrigan from a distance. If I keep Kerrigan’s health low, she will have to hearth or run away, reducing the XP for her team in that lane and removing her from team fights while she is back at base.

Mike: [response] – maybe you could tell us about this concept in DOTA 2 or HoN?

Ril: [response]


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1) I Can Poke Kerrigan
2) Warm Beer and a Cold Chicken Sammich
3) #BecauseDraenor
4) Where’s My Frikkin Monolith?
5) Willy Nilly Wonder Billy – WINNER!!! :)

Ep 23 – Frikin Frackin Fire Crackin!


Ril:  Ladies and Gentlemen, Heroes of all ages, welcome back to the Heart of the Storm!  This is episode number 23 of HotSCast, recorded 10pm on the right coast, 10th September, 2014.

HotSCast is the Heroes of the Storm podcast for the people, the players, the Heroes, often off-topic and always rail-free.  I am your host Vincent, aka Rilandune.  With me as always are my intrepid co-hosts

Kali, a.k.a. NerdiChar, a.k.a. [Ril’s crazy name]:

  • Quick hello and witty something, 140 chars or less (twitter style) – I’ve decided I’m going to give a random video game quote each show, and the first person that can tweet me the right answer (hopefully without Google cheating) gets like, mad props or something. Okay, first one will be easy:  “Nuclear launch detected.” (Starcraft, of course)
  • What have you been playing this week? – I bought Nova, so I have been melting faces with her. She is quite fun to play.

Mike, a.k.a. Fimlys, a.k.a. [Ril’s crazy name]:

  • Quick hello and witty something, 140 chars or less (twitter style) – Well, You’ve been dead a long time. So, you’re going see a lot of things you won’t understand..
  • What have you been playing this week? – Heroes a bunch until Last night when I started playing Destiny!

Ril: And now, onto the news.

NEWSHeores of the Storm Battleground Pages HotSCast

Ril:  BlizzCon tickets have been emailed!

This Week in Heroes

Free Hero Rotation

Ril:  Week of Tuesday, September 9th, 2014:

  • Arthas
  • Diablo
  • Kerrigan
  • Tyrande
  • Nova
  • Li Li (available at level 8)
  • Abathur (available at level 10)

Patch Info

Ril:  Heroes now has a 64 bit client, though at the moment Blizzard has warned that it may not be fully functional. Anyone with more than 4GB of RAM will be able to make use of the extra power. Blizzard says the 64-bit client will stop any “out-of-memory error” messages. Step-by-step instructions on how to use the new client can be found on the IncGamers article link we will have in the show notes.

Link to article: http://www.incgamers.com/2014/09/heroes-of-the-storm-getting-64-bit-client-with-next-patch

Ril:  We have an article to cover up first and then we’ll finish up with the huge patch that went out just hours ago and most importantly, Chen Stormstout Has Arrived!

Topic #1

Ril:  Our friends over at Heroes Nexus put together an article about some key points from the Pax Prime 2014 interviews with Dustin “Rock” Browder, Game Director, and Phil Gonzales, Senior Artist. Five key areas were talked about. The first was regarding the playable Heroes:

  • When asked about Lost Vikings, Browder said to “stay tuned”.
    • Kali:  I can’t wait to see those additions! Talk about nostalgia.
  • They don’t know how many heroes they want to add to the game, but all the Blizzard lore certainly won’t [sic] let them run out of ideas.
  • A good stopping point would be when they are repeating heroes too much. Heroes should all be unique.
    • Kali:  I agree with this completely, BUT – Blizzard needs to remember that some mechanics are going to repeat no matter what they do. Many champs in League have similar mechanic types but are still very unique. I don’t have a problem with that, personally.
  • No plans for Deathwing as playable hero, he’s too big. Maybe a boss on a map instead.
    • Kali:  Forum poster “Restaron” said, “Can’t you put Deathwing in human form with dragon form as ultimate?” Not a bad point…
  • Not all heroes are the same. It’s okay if some heroes have mounts and others do not.
  • Chen has been tuned so that he is to drink his keg in the middle of a battle.
  • Chen’s Ultimate may not be final. It currently splits him into 3 separate Chens, it’s been designed to give him a lot more survivability.
  • Anub’Arak is a tank hero with a lot of maneuverability. He also has a line of spikes which stuns enemies. He excels at being in the enemy dps area and keeping them away.
  • We should see a patch containing one of the new heroes (Chen, Anub’Arak, Azmodan) soon. One hero should be released with each patch, and we’ll see these hero releases every 4-6 weeks.
    • Kali:  They’re picking up steam! Too exciting!

Ril:  Mike, why don’t you talk about Game Modes and eSports?

Mike:  Absolutely. So with Game Modes:

  • There wasn’t any discussion regarding a Free For All mode. They said that new modes are something to be looked at for next year.
  • The team still needs to get Draft Mode and Ranked Mode out there.
  • Draft Mode will allow you to see which map you are playing on so that you can pick the best composition for that map.
    • Kali:  Not sure if they were planning this all along, or listened to feedback, but thank you Blizzard. You guys will learn that in MOBAs, you can lose a match before it even begins with counter-picking.

Mike:  I know we’re all excited for more information about eSports and HotS. Here’s what they had to tell us:

  • The community should be able to do whatever they want with the game, we’re going to do all the same things we did with StarCraft;
  • Replay system, observer mode, a “clean” game, and art that read well.
  • Things that are good for eSports are also good for the game. They make a good game.
    • Kali:  This makes me so happy. Listen guys, I know you all think this is bad, but when the developers are focused on making the game good, we all benefit, even those that are “casuals.”
  • If eSports takes off, the dev team will be watching and will help improve things where they can.

Ril:  Awesome stuff! Now Kali, tell us about Battlegrounds and the Future of Heroes.

Kali:  Sure thing. First up, with Battlegrounds:

  • Ladder battleground rotation should be around 6-8 maps. Maps will be switched when new maps come out.
  • The team is currently looking at the battleground rotation as being something done every ladder season, not every week like the heroes.
    • Kali:  I’m okay with this because I play 1 dang map in League, lol, but I know some people are going to gripe…
  • Battleground seasons “every 3 to 4 months”.

Kali:  And finally, they discussed the Future of Heroes as the tech alpha continues:

  • They want the game to remain accessible to a large audience while keeping depth to the game. You should still be learning new things after sinking hundreds of hours into it.
    • Kali:  Fantastic point, Blizzard. Like I tell everyone that says, “I hated League, I played for 5 levels and then just stopped.” Umm, hello. It took me a year to feel comfortable enough to play ranked and not feel completely stupid. And at about 1.5 years, I’m still bad compared to many others. So what? When the game becomes easy, I’ll get bored. I have something to work toward right now and that keeps me playing it for hours and hours!
  • Body block griefing hasn’t been a big problem yet. They still want players to be able to block out enemies, it adds an extra thing for people to think about when playing. Everything is not final though!
  • Heroes is running on “very limited” hardware at the moment. Once the team is happy with the stability of the game, it will go into a Closed Beta and then an Open Beta.
    • Kali:  There you go, folks, confirmation of an open beta. Who just got excited? Everyone go do the Blizzard ice bucket challenge so they can afford more hardware…haha…

Link to article:  http://www.heroesnexus.com/news/1187-heroes-developer-interviews-heroes-game-modes


Topic #2 – The Patch and Chen Has Arrived!

These patch notes are HUGE! So follow the link below to the Heroes main page article –



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Episode 22 – Hipster Yuengling!

This is Episode 22 of HotSCast, Hipster Yuengling!!

Frost Wyrm Arthas Heroes of the Storm HotSCast

I decided to do things a little differently this week with the notes here. Kali has so graciously offered to take care of the show notes each week and is doing such an incredible job that I thought, why keep that from the world? So from here out I’ll be posting our working show notes right here on the blog with the episode posts! Let us know what you think of this at HotSCast@gmail.com!

Enjoy the show, and our new approach to the show notes on the site!


Ril:  Ladies and Gentlemen, Heroes of all ages, welcome back to the Heart of the Storm!  This is episode number 22 of HotSCast, recorded 10pm on the right coast, 27th August, 2014.

HotSCast is the Heroes of the Storm podcast for the people, the players, the Heroes, often off-topic and always rail-free.  I am your host Vincent, aka Rilandune.  With me as always are my intrepid co-hosts –

Mike, a.k.a. Fimlys, a.k.a. [Ril’s crazy name]:

  • Quick hello and witty something, 140 chars or less (twitter style) – [response]
  • What have you been playing this week? – Valla, Malfurion, Diablo, Witch Doctor (liking)

and Kali, a.k.a. NerdiChar, a.k.a. [Ril’s crazy name]:

  • Quick hello and witty something, 140 chars or less (twitter style) – I went to my cousin’s wedding this past weekend and danced like a fool, I am so glad no one recorded that and put it on social media! Speaking of which, I did the ice bucket challenge on Saturday, that was so cold.
  • What have you been playing this week? – I might have a slight obsession with Zeratul and Malfurion, as everyone saw last week during the stream…I can’t stop playing them! I did just buy Nova though, so I might break away to play her a bit.

Ril: And now, onto the news.


This Week in Heroes

Free Hero Rotation

Week of Tuesday, August 26th, 2014:

  • ETC
  • Raynor
  • Tyrael
  • Uther
  • Zagara
  • Tychus (level 8+)
  • Rehgar (level 10+)

New Skins

This information was released by Blizzard back on July 23, but we are just getting around to mentioning it. Sorry about that! Frost Worm Arthas and Big Top Gazlowe are now available for purchase in the shop.

Link to YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PlfokJFpE8

Ril:  We have 3 news topics to discuss.

Topic #1

Ril:  SteelSeries announced they are going to release a HotS-themed mouse and mousepad.

In a press release, Tino Soelberg, SteelSeries CTO said,

Heroes of the Storm has been such a highly anticipated title that we were excited to create a product exclusively for the game. We knew that Blizzard and players would want a mouse designed for versatility and  that would evoke the aesthetics from within the game. The SteelSeries Engine is such an important component of this mouse in that players can save an unlimited number of profiles and settings for each that would reflect the type of character you’re playing; assigning illumination settings to each of your profiles to differentiate between characters is another way the mouse can enhance gameplay.

Kali:  I actually use a SteelSeries mouse and keyboard, and my other half uses their mousepad. We’ve really enjoyed their products. Here are the highlights of the mouse:

  • LED illuminated lights that feature the Heroes of the Storm graphic design…ooh, glowy!
  • Tournament-grade buttons
  • Pro-grade laser sensor
  • CPI range from 1-5.700
  • Rubberized surface with “hand-sweat resistant coating”

Mike:  The Heroes of the Storm Mouse and QcK Mousepad will be available later this year for $69.99 for the mouse and $14.99 for the Mousepad. [Additional thoughts]

Link to article:  http://www.sidequesting.com/2014/08/steelseries-gets-heroes-of-the-storm/

Topic #2

Ril:  Lazygamer.net had an interview at Gamescon with Senior Producer Kaeo Milker. You can watch the entire interview by checking out the link that will be posted in the show notes. One of the questions asked was:

“I did ask after the interview if there was any kind of indication as to when the game will hit an open beta. I was told that there are still several stages of the alpha before it can even hit closed beta.”

Mike:  [response]

Kali:  Uh oh, I don’t think the listeners are going to like that news. Keep your chin up guys and keep watching our stream on Twitch! We love to take your requests for what to play and what talents to choose.

Link to the article:  http://www.lazygamer.net/general-news/we-talk-heroes-of-the-storm-at-gamescom/

Topic #3

Ril:  Fimlys found an article on Reddit that explains step-by-step how to watch replays of games you have played in the tech alpha.

Kali:  Probably in the beta and definitely in the official release, there will be a way to spectate and/or watch replays, but for now this is a great way to watch matches.

Mike:  The tutorial is fairly simple and can be found in the article we will post in the show notes. A few good tips to note:

  • The hotkeys are similar to the ones in StarCraft 2. For example, Ctrl+W hides the bottom UI area.
  • You can view the selected talents of the other players.
  • You can use F10 to toggle the menu which will allow you to stop watching the replay.

Link to the article:  http://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/26nelb/how_to_watch_a_replay/


Don’t forget to follow the show in Twitter, @HotSCast, email us with any questions for feedback at HotSCast@gmail.com and especially let us know what you think about the new show notes set up!


Ep 21 – From GamesCom comes 3 NEW HEROES!!

Episode 21 – From GamesCom comes 3 NEW HEROES!!!

GamesCom is underway in Cologne Germany and ALREADY we have Heroes of the Storm news from Blizzard Entertainment!

HotSCast ep 21 Heroes of the Storm Anub'arak Chen Stormstout Azmodan Gamescom 2014

In this article from the Heroes of the Storm blog, Vaeflare goes into detail on the new Heroes gracing the battlegrounds of the NexusAzmodan from the Diablo Universe, Anub’arak and Chen Stormstout from the Warcraft Universe!

Hit the break for announcement video direct from GamesCom 2014, and more links from the show as we covered a great deal of topics!

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That’s Life (In #HeroesoftheStorm) – A @BlizzCon Talent Contest Video Submission by @TheGeekyHusband !!

My friend, a true friend of the show, and my recently-discovered neighbor (we live less than 30 minutes apart), Stephen Haberman aka The Geeky Husband, just posted this EPIC Heroes of the Storm parody song for the Blizzcon Talent Contest!!

Here are the notes he put on the YouTube video:


Here is my talent contest submission for Blizzard Entertainment’s Blizzcon 2014 contest. The song is called “That’s Life (In Heroes of the Storm) , which features reworked lyrics for the Blizzcon version of the song, made popular by Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, but written by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon.


That’s life
That’s what all the people say
You’re riding high in April, shot down in May
But I know I’m gonna change that tune
When I’m on the Beta, on the Beta in June

I said that’s life
And as funny as it may seem
Some people get their kicks by causing scenes
But I don’t let it, let it get me down
‘Cause this Nexus, it keeps spinnin’ around

I’ve been a support, a warrior, a specialist, assassin and a dragon knight
I’ve been up and down and over and out , in every fight
Each time I find myself flat on my face
I respawn and get back in the base race

————————-When this video begins———————————-­—-

That’s life
I can’t deny it
I thought of rage-quitting, but my Heartstone ain’t gonna buy it
And if I didn’t think it was worth one single try
I’d jump right on a mount and then I’d fly

I’ve been a support, a warrior, a specialist, assassin and a dragon knight
I’ve been up and down and over and out , in every fight
Each time I find myself layin’ flat on my face
I just pick myself up and get back in the race

That’s life
That’s life and I can’t deny it
Many times I thought of signing out but my Heartstone won’t buy it
But if there’s no beta release come this July
I’m gonna go into the forums and troll, all night

I’m gonna bring you down
I’m gonna keep you down
I’ll keep trollin and trollin, 
trollin and trollin

Vocals By: Stephen Haberman
Performance By: Stephen Haberman
Lyrics By: Stephen Haberman
Camerawork by: Kate Haberman


Bravo sir, Bravo!!

Episode 20 – A Hot Nexus!

HotSCast Audio ThumbnailIn this special edition episode we are joined by special guests Adam (@GeekofRandom) and Ben (@StaksNPaks) from The Nexus Podcast as well as Jason (@NevikJames) from The Shattered Soulstone!

We go inside the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha to bring you the latest changes live in both audio, and video format! Hit the break for the embedded video from our YouTube channel and the audio player for the podcast version!

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Episode 19 – Once You Go Shaman, You’ll Never Go Ramen! (Audio)

HotSCast Audio Thumbnail

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome Back to the Heart of the Storm! This is HotSCast, YOUR 100% Natural, Rail-Free source for ALL things Heroes of the Storm!

This week we cover ALL the news coming from the Heroes of the Storm development team including the live Developer’s Insight recorded Tuesday July 22nd (only 8 hours previous to the podcast recording) as well as the news of a new Battleground (Garden of Terror) a new Hero (Rehgar) and a new leveling and reward system!

Hit the break for ALL the links and videos!!

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Episode 18 – NerdiChar’s Very Italian Birthday!! (Audio)

HotSCast Audio Thumbnail

Greetings Ladies & Gentlmen and welcome back to the Heart of the Storm!

This week was a VERY special episode as our very own NerdiChar, aka Kali, had her real life level up day on the very day we recorded!

level up

Aside from Kali’s birthday there wasn’t a huge amount of news in Heroes of the Storm but we did talk a great deal about our views of Heroes thus far, what the game can do moving forward both inside the game itself and in the larger community sense. We also discussed the three new skins that were revealed, and for the embedded video hit the break!

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Episode 17 – Blizzard’s Hyphon-less Doodads! (Audio)

HotSCast Audio Thumbnail

This week your HotSCast crew delves deep into the recent patch notes!

For best results, read along with the patch notes HERE while listening to the show, as there is a metric TON of information in there!

And don’t forget ZAGARA HERO WEEK! Hit the break for the embedded video!

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Episode 16 – New Jersey Smells WEIRD!! PS, Muradin is a Boss! (Audio)

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This week Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys, and Kali (NerdiChar) are back after an unexpected weeks break from both recording and streaming to bring you the latest news from Heroes of the Storm and the community that has sprung up around Blizzard’s hot new MOBA!

Magni Muradin Heroes of the Storm

Hit the break for links from the the show notes!
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