Unsure On What Hero is Right For You in Heroes of the Storm? Trikslyr Can Help!

ign arena trikslyr talks about heroes of the storm classes

Epic level CM Trikslyr sat down with IGN to give the 411 on the Heroes in Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm!

Here’s the link to IGN’s new MOBA page on YouTube, featuring my personal favorite Hero, Uther, in the banner image!

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Heroes of the Storm – First Look; featuring Nova Gameplay

Heroes NovaHey, all! Jaetch here. It’s been a while since I submerged myself in the Heroes of the Storm world. As I’m primarily a Diablo III player, the recent (well, month-old) launch of D3’s first expansion, Reaper of Souls, pretty much ate up all my gaming time and I am totally okay with that.

However, I did not forget there’s something on my table that I have to taste. That’s right, the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha.

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Episode 13 – Chickn Sammich Screenshot Face! (Video)

HotSCast Video ThumbnailThis week Ril, Char, & Fim talk all things Heroes of the Storm but most importantly we discuss BlizzCon 2014! BlizzCon has just been announced so we get into what may happen at the con, plans for the annual Twisted Nether Party and how that will incorporate HotSCast. And of course, chatroom participation hilarity ensued. Heroes 101 has returned with the concept of “Laning” – that and so much more!

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Episode 3 – We Got Ourselves A Genius Mechanic (Video)

HotSCast Video ThumbnailEpisode 3 of HotSCast, Heart of the Storm – the Video Edition!

In this video episode we welcome Kali, aka Charlissa to the team full time! (Hence the genius mechanic reference from Firefly, unquestionably the greatest TV show ever made!)

Check out the video and more info on the video show after the break!

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