Ep 45 – I Yesh’d Too Soon!

Recorded Tuesday, March 24, 2015   |   HotScast Episode #45   |   Hosts:  Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys), & Kali (NerdiChar)

HotSCast Episode 45 – I Yesh’d Too Early! – HotSCast is YOUR source for all the Heroes of the Storm coverage you can handle! Find us online at HotSCast.com, on Twitter @HotSCast, on Twitch.tv/HotSCast, YouTube.com/HotSCast, on Google+ and Facebook as HotSCast. Email the show HotSCast@gmail.com! This week we talk about the HUGE new patch, UI Changes, Lady Sylvanas enters The Nexus, Tomb of the Spider Queen, GREG STREET aka Ghostcrawler is STILL NERFING PALLIES, and MORE! Enjoy! And if you do, please leave us a review on iTunes, or Stitcher, or whatever podcast catcher of your choosing! That is the best help you can provide in growing the show, Thanks!!

HotSCast Sylvanas Heroes of the Storm
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Episode 11 – Mucho Diablo! (Audio)

HotSCast Audio Thumbnail

Greetings folks! This week Vincent and Mike | sadly down one Kali who was stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck during recording :( | got back into the swing of things with a great discussion of Heroes of the Storm, the current state of the Technical Alpha, and more!

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Episode 8 – User Interface Comparison! (Video)

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Episode 8 – User Interface Comparison (Video)

This is the video from the live recording we do every other Monday, audio will be posted either later today or tomorrow.

This week we discussed and compared the User Interface of Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, DotA 2, and HoN.  We talked about what we’d love to see in the Heroes UI at launch and what we don’t.  This weeks’ Heroes 101 segment covered the Warrior Hero Type as well as the common MOBA term – KDA.

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