Ep 29 – Ian McKellen Wears Jaina Pants!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 | HotScast Episode #29 | Hosts: Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys), & Kali (NerdiChar)

HotSCast - Heroes of the Storm Jaina Proudmoore New Hero


Ril: Graphical improvements to Malfurion and ETC main model

Mike: Love the graphical improvements. I think the Winter Veil outfits are nice but don’t really “grab” me like some of the other skins have. Not as big on my list of things to spend money on compared to the heroes themselves.

Kali: Great-Father Winter Rehgar, Reign-deer mount, and Winter Veil Jaina! Countess Kerrigan now turns into a bat when mounted. Master skins added for ETC, Jaina, Malfurion.

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQgfBq7Jo5k


Ril: Loved her at BlizzCon, love her now. Easily my favorite Assassin at the moment. Love the AOE’s and the CC’s/Slows. Her damage output isn’t terrific, but her utility more than makes up for it.

Mike: Jaina. Played her a bit but so far loving what I’ve played. She can be pretty squishy but generally a lot of fun.

Kali: Jaina! I absolutely love her play style – you have to combo to be effective and be fairly choosy with your talents to create those combos effectively. I found it funny that I was paired against Arthas during the “try” arena, and I whooped his butt haha.

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehImE3FpDb8


Mike: Was hearthstone bringing you to full? I don’t think it was.. I think it is doing more than before.. Stimpacks look interesting. Change to Dragon Knight not being targetable by friendly spells means you can’t heal him. Supposedly a big comp for Dragonshire is to make sure you have a healer to keep the DK up. This might change the comp choices significantly (kinda goes with comp stuff but based on patch notes..)

Kali: Stimpacks, dance/victory/taunt animations added. Hearthstone now only adds a flat health/mana amount back instead of bringing you to full? (I don’t like that) Lots of Battleground, Talent, and Hero changes from balancing team.

Links: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/16467431/heroes-technical-alpha-patch-notes-december-2-2014-12-2-2014

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