Ep 38 – They NARFED Valla!

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This week we talk about how Dustin Browder, the man behind the helm of Heroes of the Storm, promises that “We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!”, an epically epic fail moment which happened in a match with Fimlys, and MORE! Enjoy! And if you do, please leave us a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher! Thanks!!

HotSCast Heroes of the Storm Valla NARFED

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Main Topic

In an interview with PC Gamer, Blizzard’s Dustin Browder said, “We’re just going to keep adding heroes forever until we get sick of it.” They also said something similar about maps, “…until somebody tells us, ‘Dude, too many maps’ or whatever.” They finished out the interview by saying “This is the pace that we’re hoping to continue developing at going forward. We’re gonna add game modes, we’re gonna add new heroes, we’re gonna add new battlegrounds. Our goal for this game is to communicate with our audience to the best of our ability that you haven’t seen anything yet. We don’t want this game to become stale. We do not want this game to become repetitive. We want this game to constantly evolve.”

PC Gamer Article: http://www.pcgamer.com/blizzard-on-heroes-of-the-storm-you-havent-seen-anything-yet/#page-1

Free Heroes:

Week of Tuesday, February 3, 2015:
Azmodan (Available after you reach player level 12)
Zeratul (Available after you reach player level 15)

Possible Show Titles:

Left Shark Jacks
Frank Oz’ish
Blizzard of Oz
Narf < Chicken Sammich
Report the Narf!
They NARFED Valla! ****

Episode 19 – Once You Go Shaman, You’ll Never Go Ramen! (Audio)

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Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome Back to the Heart of the Storm! This is HotSCast, YOUR 100% Natural, Rail-Free source for ALL things Heroes of the Storm!

This week we cover ALL the news coming from the Heroes of the Storm development team including the live Developer’s Insight recorded Tuesday July 22nd (only 8 hours previous to the podcast recording) as well as the news of a new Battleground (Garden of Terror) a new Hero (Rehgar) and a new leveling and reward system!

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