Ep 67 – Not Lite on the Royal!

HotSCast Episode 67 – Not Lite on the Royal! HotSCast is YOUR source for all the Heroes of the Storm coverage you can handle! Find us online at HotSCast.com, on Twitter @HotSCast, on Twitch.tv/HotSCast, YouTube.com/HotSCast, on Google+ and Facebook as HotSCast. Email the show HotSCast@gmail.com! This week we talk about the RandomCS A.I. Tournament with the organizer herself, special guest Royalite, and more!! Enjoy! And if you do, please leave us a review on iTunes, or Stitcher, or whatever podcast catcher of your choosing! That is the best help you can provide in growing the show, Thanks!!

HotSCast Royalite Heroes of the Storm

Tuesday, August 25, 2015   |   HotScast Episode #67   |   Hosts:  Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys), & Kali (NerdiChar) | Special Guests:  Royalite

Before we hit the break, make sure to learn more about our special guest on her Twitter feed – @Royalite and more about RandomCS at their home page!

Hit the break for all the notes!

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Ep 28 – Wayback Machine Face!

HotSCast Episode 28 – Wayback Machine Face!

Happy Birthday HotSCast

This week we discuss our one year anniversary! We get nostalgic on the last year of covering Heroes of the Storm, and have a fun time with the chat room on our birthday!


And if you do, please leave us a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher! That is the best help you can provide in growing the show, Thanks!!

HotSCast is YOUR source for all the Heroes of the Storm coverage you can handle! You can reach us on Twitter @HotSCast, on Twitch.tv/HotSCast, YouTube.com/HotSCast, on Google+ and Facebook as HotSCast. Email the show HotSCast@gmail.com!

Also, we just announced a contest to win one of these two t-shirts! All you need to do is email the show, again HotSCast@gmail.com, and let us know what your favorite Hero skin is in the Heroes of the Storm. That’s it! It’s THAT easy!

HotSCast T-Shirt Contest

Enjoy, and email us so you can win yourself a t-shirt!!

Ep 27 – BlizzCon 2014 Impressions and our interview with Samwise!


We have a FANTASTIC show for you so let’s get right into it!

Here’s a list of some of the things we discussed:

  • Addition of Jaina, Thrall, and Lost Vikings
  • Two new Battlegrounds – Sky Temple and Tomb of the Spider Queen
  • Announcement of more Heroes to come such as
    • Lady Sylvanas
    • Skeleton King
    • Crusader
    • The Butcher
    • And more!
  • Concept art for a Diablo 3 themed battleground – Heaven and Hell
  • And most importantly, I got to sit down for a one-on-one interview with legendary Blizzard artist – Samwise Didier!

There’s nothing more to say but to enjoy our BlizzCon 2014 recap and the Samwise interview!


You’re Invited!! The Twisted Nether & HotSCast BlizzCon Party!

BlizzCon 2014 HotSCast


The time is upon us friends – it’s time for BLIZZZZZZZZCONNNNNNNNN!

As we do every year, the Twisted Nether Blogcast is throwing THE party to attend at BlizzCon and raising money for Child’s Play at the same time!

As we are a part of the TNN (Twisted Nether Network) the party is also a HotSCast party!

And the best part – You Are Invited!!! Coming to BlizzCon? Coming to Anaheim with no ticket to BlizzCon? Come one, come all we say!

Join us Friday night at the Bowlmor lanes on the Anaheim Garden walk, just a short walk from the Convention Center! (Hit the link for directions and info!) We’ll have drink tickets available, 2 pool tables to ourselves the entire night thanks to Jed of Jed’s Corner of WoW Shenanagins!

Come hang out with us, the crew from TNB, and all our friend and enjoy a casual night of drinks, pool, bowling, and fun frivolity!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Ep 26 – Snakes & Clowns & Spiders OH MY!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 | HotScast Episode #26 | Hosts: Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys), & Kali (NerdiChar)
Special Guests: Adam (RandomGeek), Ben (StaksNPaks), and Josh (Pakkuan_AIE) from The Nexus Podcast!

HotSCast and The Nexus Talk about Blizzcon 2014


Ril: Ladies and Gentlemen, Heroes of all ages, welcome back to the Heart of the Storm! This is episode number 26 of HotSCast, recorded 10pm on the right coast, 29th October, 2014.

Blizzcon Heroes of the Storm Predictions!

1 – Starcraft inspired battleground
2 – Deckard Cain announced as a Diablo Support Hero
3 – Community contest to choose/influence the next hero to come out

1 – Beta Info
2 – 4 Heroes to play (Sylvanas, Kael’thas, Fenix, Butcher)
3 – People asking about Lost Vikings and Blackthorne

1 – Your mom
2 – Kali having a beard
3 – They will bring back the Artifact system and shock Ril into a heart attack
4 – If they are talking about rankeds, hopefully they will be showing new maps

1 – People will love our HotSCast Shirts Because They are Awesome
2 – Big Spider Mount – Broodmother Araneae

1 – Draft mode details
2 – noobsnoobs and more noobs(aka Ben)
3 – casuals complaining about the lack of pve content in a pvp game!! (for fim)<—

1 – New Maps
2 – 5 new heroes
3 – More details about ranked play

Head to The Nexus site to hear their awesome cast!

Possible Show Titles:

Gollum Statham
I’m a Hot Nerdy Princess
Winion Wins
Dev Sugar Juices
Leave the Beard Off
Palm of Hand Turns Me White
Snakes and Clowns and Spiders, OH MY!  – WINNER!!!

Ep 25 – It’s Very Zergei

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 | HotScast Episode #25 | Hosts: Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys), & Kali (NerdiChar)
Special Guests: none



Ril: Ladies and Gentlemen, Heroes of all ages, welcome back to the Heart of the Storm! This is episode number 25 of HotSCast, recorded 10pm on the right coast, 15th October, 2014.

HotSCast is the Heroes of the Storm podcast for the people, the players, the Heroes, often off-topic and always rail-free. I am your host Vincent, aka Rilandune. With me as always are my intrepid co-hosts

Kali, a.k.a. NerdiChar, a.k.a. [Ril’s crazy name]:
Quick hello and witty something, 140 chars or less (twitter style) – This week’s quote is, “Stay a while, and listen.” (Diablo II)

Ril: What have you been playing this week? – I have been playing “my Doctoral Comprehensive Exam started Monday”…lol. So yeah…not much time for any gaming at the moment. :( BUT, I did kick off Charred Hearts as planned, and we now have 2 fantastic episodes available at charredhearts.com or your favorite podcatcher app. AND it looks like we are getting picked up by a podcast network! Details to come when all of that is finalized.

and Mike, a.k.a. Fimlys, a.k.a. [Ril’s crazy name]:

Mike: Quick hello and witty something, 140 chars or less (twitter style) – Stuff and Such

Ril: What have you been playing this week?

Mike: Heroes, WoW (6.0.2), Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Finished Shadow of Mordor

Ril: And now, onto the news.


This Week in Heroes

Ril: New skins! For Halloween, Blizzard is releasing Countess Kerrigan, Infested Tychus (the first legendary skin), and Skelethur Abathur.

Mike: [response] – maybe explain what a legendary skin is? ?? lol

Kali: [response] – OMG COUNTESS KERRIGAN

Link to the articles/videos of the skins: http://www.gamezone.com/news/heroes-of-the-storm-gets-halloween-themed-skins-including-first-legendary

Ril: We have three articles to cover this week.

Topic #1

Ril: There has been a lot of buzz about Titan being scrapped, and the rumor is that now all of that money and manpower will go toward Heroes.

Link to the article: http://venturebeat.com/2014/09/23/titans-death-may-leave-blizzards-future-in-the-hands-of-hearthstone-and-heroes-of-the-storm/

Topic #2

Ril: Cloud 9 has officially announced their intentions of creating a Heroes of the Storm team, and plan to unveil at BlizzCon.

Link to the article: http://www.pcgamesn.com/heroes-of-the-storm/cloud9-announce-their-new-heroes-of-the-storm-team-will-debut-at-blizzcon

Topic #3

Ril: Heroes tech alpha now to include players in China to test specific aspects of the game, such as ranked play and draft mode.

Link to the articles: http://www.pcgamesn.com/heroes-of-the-storm/heroes-of-the-storm-rolls-on-chinese-players-to-test-new-alpha-features



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Until next time folks, never stop asking yourself the question – Who is YOUR Hero?!

Possible Show Titles
It’s Very Zergei  –  WINNER!
Great Approval Wall of China
Kill Ketchup

That’s Life (In #HeroesoftheStorm) – A @BlizzCon Talent Contest Video Submission by @TheGeekyHusband !!

My friend, a true friend of the show, and my recently-discovered neighbor (we live less than 30 minutes apart), Stephen Haberman aka The Geeky Husband, just posted this EPIC Heroes of the Storm parody song for the Blizzcon Talent Contest!!

Here are the notes he put on the YouTube video:


Here is my talent contest submission for Blizzard Entertainment’s Blizzcon 2014 contest. The song is called “That’s Life (In Heroes of the Storm) , which features reworked lyrics for the Blizzcon version of the song, made popular by Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, but written by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon.


That’s life
That’s what all the people say
You’re riding high in April, shot down in May
But I know I’m gonna change that tune
When I’m on the Beta, on the Beta in June

I said that’s life
And as funny as it may seem
Some people get their kicks by causing scenes
But I don’t let it, let it get me down
‘Cause this Nexus, it keeps spinnin’ around

I’ve been a support, a warrior, a specialist, assassin and a dragon knight
I’ve been up and down and over and out , in every fight
Each time I find myself flat on my face
I respawn and get back in the base race

————————-When this video begins———————————-­—-

That’s life
I can’t deny it
I thought of rage-quitting, but my Heartstone ain’t gonna buy it
And if I didn’t think it was worth one single try
I’d jump right on a mount and then I’d fly

I’ve been a support, a warrior, a specialist, assassin and a dragon knight
I’ve been up and down and over and out , in every fight
Each time I find myself layin’ flat on my face
I just pick myself up and get back in the race

That’s life
That’s life and I can’t deny it
Many times I thought of signing out but my Heartstone won’t buy it
But if there’s no beta release come this July
I’m gonna go into the forums and troll, all night

I’m gonna bring you down
I’m gonna keep you down
I’ll keep trollin and trollin, 
trollin and trollin

Vocals By: Stephen Haberman
Performance By: Stephen Haberman
Lyrics By: Stephen Haberman
Camerawork by: Kate Haberman


Bravo sir, Bravo!!

Episode 14 – Lord Nerfar Nippletalk (Audio)

HotSCast Audio ThumbnailThis week Vincent (Rilandune), Kali (NerdiChar), and Mike (Fimlys), go over the recent Heroes of the Storm patch notes, line by line, covering each piece in great detail. We talk about balancing in the game, mechanics of specific heroes and how they’ve changed and been effected by the patch. In Heroes 101 we went in depth on Brightwing, covering the origin of the hero, where she’s from, what she does, weaknesses and strengths. As always the chatroom for the live show recording was amazing! We love each and every one of you that come to the live recording and we encourage everyone that can to join us for on Wednesday’s for the show recording!


Oh, and if you’re wondering about the album art… yeah… we got ROFL’stomped by The Nexus in a 5v5 – the album art and the twitter pic is our badge of shame that will be worn for the next 3 days. :)


Waiting For Heroes

Opening Villains

When rumors of a game cycling between the names “Blizzard DotA” and “Blizzard All-Stars” were surfacing around 2010-2011, I was just about done with the whole MOBA genre of games. For me, personally, the days of classic DotA All-Stars were more or less over with. The new generation consisting of Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and Dota 2 was on the rise and I did not intend to spend more time on MOBAs. I just started playing a lot of competitive StarCraft II so there was virtually no time for me to simultaneously juggle school, my social life, a few games, and most importantly, sleep.

However, prior to the growing hype of a standalone Blizzard DotA-like game, I played DotA All-Stars religiously. I never really jumped into professional DotA tournaments or fixed team games since I enjoyed playing with random people every single game. (To be honest, I just liked carrying pubbies). I believed that was a very essential element in making DotA All-Stars, a WarCraft III map made by fans for fans, a fun experience.

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Carbot Animations – Heroes of the Storm, the Tribute Shown at BlizzCon 2013

Carbot HotSIf you are a StarCraft 2 player and a fan of excellent comedic animation than chances are you know of Car Bot Animations.

If you are reading this blog post, then you are a fan of Heroes of the Storm.


How do these two things cross paths?  Well at BlizzCon 2013 we were privileged enough to be shown a tribute video to Heroes finely crafted by Car Bot Animations and it was, in a word, sublime!

Watch the video after there break!

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