Another PHENOMENAL Fan-Made Heroes of the Storm Trailer!

hots3.jpgThis epic fan-made Heroes trailer was linked to by @Crunch3d aka Nakatoir, Blizzard Community Rep, on twitter. This one is very cinematic, almost movie-trailer in quality.

Hit the break for the embedded video!
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Blizzard Devs Play Heroes of the Storm, Shoutcasted by Husky!

Husky and Dustin Browder Shoutcasting Heroes of the Storm Gameplay
A very Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

This year Santa has brought us two gifts early! ┬áThe Blizzard Devs sat down and ran two Heroes of the Storm games, one in Blackheart’s Bay and one in Cursed Hollow, and wrapped them in a Husky Starcraft and Dustin Browder Shoutcasted ribbon and placed them under the trees of all the good boys and girls in the world… namely – US!

Hit the break for the embedded videos of BOTH matches!

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Heroes of the Storm Holiday Updates

Heroes Q&ARecently, Blizzard put out a neat Q&A video that gave us a ton of new info regarding the development for Heroes of the Storm, just in time for the holiday season. The video is pretty long, but it’s well worth the watch for anyone writhing in anticipation for this game…

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Episode 4 – Heroes Is LFTM, Looking For Team Members (Audio)

HotSCast Audio Thumbnail

This week the your HotSCast hosts dive back into the universe of Heroes of the Storm. ┬áSadly there wasn’t much information to talk about as of the time of recording other than a job posting Blizzard put up on LinkedIn for a Senior Software Engineer for both the Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft 2 teams.

More after the break!

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Episode 3 – We Got Ourselves A Genius Mechanic (Video)

HotSCast Video ThumbnailEpisode 3 of HotSCast, Heart of the Storm – the Video Edition!

In this video episode we welcome Kali, aka Charlissa to the team full time! (Hence the genius mechanic reference from Firefly, unquestionably the greatest TV show ever made!)

Check out the video and more info on the video show after the break!

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