Episode 9 – Geeking Out On The Art! (Audio)

HotSCast Audio Thumbnail Welcome back folks to HotSCast Episode 9! This week we completely geek out on the latest Blizzard Developer Q&A that brought Blizzard royalty Samwise Didier to the table to talk all things art in Heroes of the Storm! In our Heroes 101 section we discussed the Support class type and also the concept of Initiate and Initiator.

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Episode 8 – User Interface Comparison! (Audio)

HotSCast Audio ThumbnailThis is the edited audio podcast of this weeks show, as opposed to the video edition posted earlier in the week which is the raw feed from our live recording. I do apologize for this being posted so late, I like to have these up by Wednesday, but a few things on my end – not the least of which was the 22″ of snow we had fall in the last 36 hours – prevented me from finishing up the edits until just now.

This week we discussed and compared the User Interface of Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, DotA 2, and HoN. We talked about what we’d love to see in the Heroes UI at launch and what we don’t. This weeks’ Heroes 101 segment covered the Warrior Hero Type as well as the common MOBA term – KDA.

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Episode 7 – 2nd Developer Q&A, 1st Heroes 101! (Audio)

HotSCast Audio ThumbnailThis week the HotSCast team go over the 2nd Developer Q&A that Blizzard recorded live on their Twitch channel, followed by some live Gameplay on the Haunted Mines map shoutcasted by Day 9. We go over all the new information, adding in our own take and pontification. Also this week we launched the 1st of what will be a regular segment on each show – Heroes 101 – to teach those new to the Hero Brawler (or MOBA) genre how to make the transition from whatever type of game they are playing now (such as an MMO like World of Warcraft or an RTS like Starcraft 2) to playing Heroes of the Storm. As always we had a fantastic time recording the show, and we know you’ll have even more fun listening in!

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Episode 6 – What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor (Audio)

HotSCast Audio ThumbnailGreetings folks!

It is hard to put into words just how outlandish and random the show was this week. Since Ril, Fimlys, and Char had no Heroes of the Storm news what-so-ever to speak on, they instead talked comparisons with League of Legends, DotA 2, about the ideal Hero team make-up; answered questions from the chat room as they recorded live.

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Episode 5 – Developer Q&A and Gameplay (Audio)

HotSCast Audio ThumbnailThis week Vincent (Rilandune) and Mike (Fimlys) discuss the recent developer Q&A for Heroes of the Storm as well as the two gameplay videos the developers posted, shoutcasted by Husky Starcraft! We missed Kali (Charlissa) as she was not feeling well and was not able to join us for the recording.

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Episode 4 – Heroes Is LFTM, Looking For Team Members (Audio)

HotSCast Audio Thumbnail

This week the your HotSCast hosts dive back into the universe of Heroes of the Storm. ¬†Sadly there wasn’t much information to talk about as of the time of recording other than a job posting Blizzard put up on LinkedIn for a Senior Software Engineer for both the Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft 2 teams.

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Episode 3 – We Got Ourselves A Genius Mechanic (Audio)

HotSCast Audio ThumbnailIn this episode we welcome Kali, aka Charlissa to the team full time!  (Hence the genius mechanic reference from Firefly, unquestionably the greatest TV show ever made!)

We also talk about our upcoming plans to stream some Leauge of Legends matches in the time from now until anything new is released from Heroes of the Storm, how we are moving to an every-other-week schedule to avoid burnout (and frankly to avoid having shows with nothing to talk about as Heroes hasn’t even gone into alpha yet) and we discuss a fantastic article written by Olivia Grace at WoW Insider on the in’s and out’s of Heroes.

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Episode 2 – A Little LoL’ing Goes a Long Way (Audio)

HotSCast Audio ThumbnailEpisode 2 of HotSCast, Heart of the Storm – The show bringing you all the Heroes of the Storm coverage you can handle!



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Episode 1 – Let Us Introduce Ourselves

HotsIcon2_300Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the FIRST ever episode of HotSCast – Heart of the Storm!

We sat down for our first recording, which took place live on Google Hangouts, and in this show we introduce ourselves, the show, and what to expect in the coming months and years.

The plan is to record each Monday night at 10pm Eastern and it will always be a live recording over Google Hangouts, so watch the show twitter feed for the link to go out so you can hangout live, ask questions, and interact with the show!

You can find the show on twitter at @HotSCast
Email the show at HotSCast@gmail.com
Like us on Facebook
And soon we will have a Google+ page, we’ll post that as soon as it goes live.