Ep 71 – #DeflateGate

Tuesday, September 29, 2015   |   HotScast Episode #71   |   Hosts:  Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys), & Kali (NerdiChar)
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Week of September 29-October 6, 2015

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Free Hero Rotation:

  • Malfurion
  • Valla
  • Chen
  • Rehgar
  • Falstad
  • Johanna (Slot unlocked at Player Level 12)
  • Sgt. Hammer (Slot unlocked at Player Level 15)







Community Spotlight


Letter from listener and friend of the show DeGei Dragon


Greetings to my favorite of Heroes of the Storm Podcasts, After spending a good deal of time playing Rexxar, I have a list of thoughts on where he is good and why it just doesn’t work. Rexxar has some of the best talents and abilities on a single hero in the game currently. His map and fight control are quite solid. Misha can be talented to make her near unkillable in ways Diablo, Stitches, and ETC can only dream (currently). His Heroics aren’t major selling points, but they serve decent roles, Bestial Wrath is okay most of the time if uninteresting. Release the Boars is a great finisher, but requires timing to use right. Choice on these comes down to play style more than anything. Otherwise looking at his setup, Rexxar would appear to be King.

Here in lies the problem, with such a great boon as Misha, Rexxar goes from being the Hero to being the liability. He is about on par with Valla’s base survivability but without the escape or sustain talents. If Misha is in the action and Rexxar has an assassin dive him (Illidan, Zeratul, Butcher) he will be dead a good deal of the time before Misha can reach him. Which brings us to the key problem, none of Misha’s talents matter once Rexxar dies, as that kills her instantly. If Rexxar is your only Warrior/Tank, then your team is going to have issues. I’m not going to immediately say a great player won’t be able to tank with Misha alone in a team fight, but it’s an uphill battle only made slightly and temporarily easier at level 16 with Feign Death.

All those cons stated, I think Rexxar may find a place. He and Misha are possibly the best “Junglers” in HotS. Focusing on the “Easy Prey” talent and increased damage against non-heroes and the two of the can easily solo bosses and other camps without equal. Flare at level 1 is a decent stop gap to help against the stealth ganks he is prone to. So the role he fills is a Jungle/Anti-Roam Roamer. His weaknesses are most apparent when the enemy comes to him, but when he is picking the way and where fights start, he becomes much more powerful. I know that sounds like every hero, but when you only see an angry bear coming for you, panic takes hold.

What is the “Ideal” comp for a Rexxar? My concept is for a map like Cursed Hollow, Blackheart Bay, or maybe Tomb of the Spider Queen type maps (Open, lots of camps, great for ambushes). Rexxar will be focusing on moving between the lanes to surprise opponents and hit mercs to keep the pressure on the enemy team. His teammates are (again ideally) Leoric, Sylvanas, Thrall, and Brightwing, a good mix of self-sustain and movement to help capitalize on Rexxar’s attacks.

Rexxar (in both concept and this particular strategy) has good synergy with Brightwing (healing both Rex & Misha, CC for someone diving Rexxar, giving time for Misha to react, teleporting to lanes as needed). Thrall and Rexxar also have respectable synergy in their abilities for finishing off opponents, stuns and slows from Rexxar, roots and a speed boost from Thrall, making them a great one-two punch. Leoric helps cover the main tank role and makes up for the Hero damage a bit. Sylvanas fills the duel role of damage dealing and getting the most out of Rexxar’s Mercenaries.

Is he perfect? not by a long shot. Will he see play in the current meta? Maybe in the 2-3 Warrior comp regions are the off-tank Warrior. Is he playable? Just by enough, but he takes work, and definitely doesn’t fit in on every team like some Warriors can.

~DeGei Dragon

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