Ep 67 – Not Lite on the Royal!

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HotSCast Royalite Heroes of the Storm

Tuesday, August 25, 2015   |   HotScast Episode #67   |   Hosts:  Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys), & Kali (NerdiChar) | Special Guests:  Royalite

Before we hit the break, make sure to learn more about our special guest on her Twitter feed – @Royalite and more about RandomCS at their home page!

Hit the break for all the notes!



Week of August 25 – September 1, 2015

Sale Items:

  • Tychus — $3.24 USD
  • Mad Martian Gazlowe Skin — $4.99 USD
  • Super Sonya Skin — $4.99 USD

Free Hero Rotation:

  • E.T.C.
  • Gazlowe
  • Li Li
  • Rehgar
  • Sgt. Hammer
  • Kerrigan (Available after you reach player level 12)
  • Leoric (Available after you reach player level 15)


  • Battlefield of Eternity has been temporarily disabled because it was causing some games to crash. In the meantime, rumor has it that the new Diablo map will go live tomorrow (August 26)!
  • You can play Duck Hunt on the main menu screen. Holy freaking cow, that is awesome.


Ril:  The top 5 teams for North America have been decided for the Americas Regional Championship in Las Vegas, September 19-20.

Mike:  Tempo Storm appears to be the team to beat, securing the 1st place spot at all 3 North America tournaments. The teams that will be joining them are Cloud9, COGnitive Gaming, compLexity, and Murloc Geniuses.

Kali:  If you want to watch the tournament live, admission will be free at the Las Vegas Convention Center both days, with doors opening at 9am PDT. If you can’t make it, you can watch the live stream at twitch.tv/blizzheroes.




Ril:  Average match times are getting longer, currently about 25-30 minutes, up from the goal of 20 minutes originally set by Blizzard. [discuss]

The current theory is that this is due to improved matchmaking, causing closer back-and-forth matches. [discuss]

Mike:  Many are stating they are happy with this shift because it gives them more time to enjoy the game. [discuss]

Kali:  Others fear that the game is still very new and if the increase in match time continues at this pace, Heroes will have match lengths similar to League and DOTA 2 soon. [discuss]







Enjoy the show!!

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