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Tuesday, May 26, 2015   |   HotScast Episode #54   |   Hosts:  Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys), & Kali (NerdiChar) Special Guest:  Jaycie (Gillyweed)

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This week we were joined by special guest Gillyweed SC2!

Hit the break for links, shownotes, and more!

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Ril:  In some hilarious e-Sports news, as the pros battled it out in the latest “Road to Blizzcon” tournament matches, one team found themselves bested by a bot.

Mike:  Cloud9 Maelstrom and compLexity were battling when one of the C9 players DC’d. A bot E.T.C. took over and compLexity thought they had the win.

Kali:  Instead, the bot decided to Moshpit at the perfect time, stunning 3 of compLexity’s players and allowing C9 to kill them all.

Jaycie:  In the end, the C9 player that DC’d had to take a lashing from some fans on Twitter. He took it all in stride, tweeting, “ETC Bot showed me up man”.




Jaycie:  Enter the Storm 2 qualifiers 10 – I had the pleasure of casting these and witnessed the crazy game everyone’s been talking about on Reddit. Diablo Snores did a crazy backdoor comp with Zeratul, ETC, Zagara, Falstad and Brightwing. They apparently had been using it all the way through the bracket, but we didn’t see it until the semis. In a ridiculous hold, Neptun Gaming were able to save their core at 8 percent and then won the game. nV Gaming tried this strat in the HH Amateur Series last night but Kappa Wolves held it off easily, one of the team members even saying “I read Reddit” in all chat at the end.

Links:  http://www.gosugamers.net/heroesofthestorm/news/31113-the-most-insane-strategy-was-just-attempted-during-ets-cup-2-qualifier-10


Mike:  Not all that spectacular but another example of people on your team saying things were over way before they needed to be. Dragonshire. Not doing so well. NEITHER team had any healing support. they got a couple free dragons near the end but failed to capitalize. We got one late game (turned out to be the  last) and pushed core for the win. couple ppl being toxic on our team the whole game but we got it done.

Jaycie:  Just today we played a game on Haunted Mines. We knew we had to all-in, so we went for core and all died with it at around 8%. Two of our members tried again and got it down to 2%, still while our opponents were trying to kill the golem to get the rest of the skulls. I was right by their base, but they had all backed as the golem was about to spawn. As they left the base, I bolted into it from their giants and, with abathur’s help, was able to take down the last bit of the core.


Ril:  #NexusCalling video contest – Earning first place in the video contest, and winning a free trip to the Heroes of the Storm launch event in London, is @Mushanga! You can watch his hilarious video via the link in the show notes. Also winning a trip to London for the launch event is the Facebook cover photo contest winner, Christian Albrecht. Fantastic work by both.

Mike:  Why Tychus lost his cigar – Heroes of the Storm is published in multiple regions with a teen rating, so there are a number guidelines Blizzard has to adhere to. There are are regions where he couldn’t smoke and keep the teen rating, so Blizzard could either make two versions of the character (smoking and non-smoking) or just remove the cigar entirely. They opted to spend their time developing new heroes, maps, skins, and mounts. Apparently, a lot of fans are pretty mad about the cigar being gone!

Kali:  So there was an opinion article on Forbes that I found interesting and wanted to share. The author’s first point is that Heroes is meant to be more accessible than other MOBAs (correct), but that greater accessibility and simplification isn’t necessary because 67 million people already play League of Legends. Well, accessibility isn’t just about having an account – it is also about having fun playing. I know a lot of people that really hate League because the barrier to entry is so high and the community is so toxic. I wouldn’t really call that “accessible.” Also, Blizzard has never touted Heroes as a MOBA, but instead, a Team Brawler. Not simplifying as much as reinventing, a tactic Blizzard is known for. [Everyone else add feedback]

His second point is that because Heroes is based on pre-existing characters that the mythology is less rich. Umm…the exact opposite, actually. Blizzard lore is intense and the fans are fiercely loyal. I know people that clamor to play new Blizzard games just because Blizzard made them – myself included. [Everyone else add feedback]

Finally, he wraps up with the notion that Heroes isn’t really very popular. WoW didn’t reach 4 million subscribers until almost 1 year after launch, and they have peaked at well over 10 million at the height of the game. I am not very concerned about the fate of Heroes – I foresee a huge jump in players over the year following launch. [Everyone else add feedback]

Jaycie:  The Global Play feature is now live! Players in all regions outside of China are now able to access game servers around the world, with separate profile data for each region. What this means is that you can opt to play with your friends in other regions, but just remember that your purchases, friend list, and account progress will not carry over when you switch regions. So, for example, if you buy access to a hero in North America, you would have to buy it again for a different region. Also, pricing will be the same as your home region, so if a skin is $4.99 USD in North America, your card will also be charged $4.99 USD for that same skin in another region.







Ril:  TGN Hero Academy Lesson 1 – Team Experience. Teamwork is essential! Think long-term: having a higher team level always.

Mike:  Laning – only 1 person needs to be present in that lane for the team to gain XP

Kali:  Structures vs. Minions – structures give much more XP than minions; Hero kills give a ton of XP

Jaycie:  Using abilities strategically (i.e., Azmodan can last hit minions from a different part of the map)




Ril:  Like we mentioned last week – Kotaku apparently agrees – we need a non-Hero league draft pick mode!

Kali:  I completely agree. For anyone new to MOBAs, they really need to be learning the importance of team comp and they can’t without draft mode. I would say that learning it during Hero League is a bit too late and is going to cause flaming.

Jaycie:  For a couple of months now we’ve been discussing the need for a non-ranked version of hero league on my stream. Sometimes I want to play games with viewers and don’t want to have to go into QM versus a dream comp with people I’m not on a voice call with. A non-ranked version of HL would be perfect. Also, the ability to trade heroes in HL. I know Blizzard are concerned with people griping because they want to play a certain hero and someone won’t trade them, but being able to lock in key heroes on certain maps is more important in my opinion.

Links:  http://kotaku.com/heroes-of-the-storm-needs-a-mode-between-quick-matches-1706079415

Possible Show Titles: 

I Diagon Alley
Cheese Comp Counter
Stop The Laser
Bad Nova is Bad
Vegemite Kangaroo
Regular Wins Regular Fails
One Metric Bagillion
Totally Average Fails
Metric Germans
Baby Shower Tychus Skin
Honey Hot Dogs


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