Episode 16 – New Jersey Smells WEIRD!! PS, Muradin is a Boss! (Audio)

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This week Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys, and Kali (NerdiChar) are back after an unexpected weeks break from both recording and streaming to bring you the latest news from Heroes of the Storm and the community that has sprung up around Blizzard’s hot new MOBA!

Magni Muradin Heroes of the Storm

Hit the break for links from the the show notes!

Muradin Hero Week!


Kali notes:  I like that they emphasize Muradin has a score to settle with Arthas…rivalry within the genre and outside of it based on the character selections (like Raynor/Diablo in the tutorial for outside). Magni Muradin is AWESOME. Don’t be discouraged by skin selections…in League, a lot of the original skins are just recolors of original skin. As the game progresses and they have more time to focus on skins, I bet we will see more creative options emerge.

Designer Insights: Knockin’ out Muradin’s Design


Kali notes:  Stun lock build sounds like fun! Will have to try that out next week. I also want to figure out that Honey Badger build!

Blizzard Returns To San Diego Comic Con!


Kali notes:  If any listeners are attending, send us some of that swag they are bragging about, kthx :)

The Art of ShadowPriest – Showcase of Heroes of the Storm fan art by ShadowPriest


Kali notes:  Another great job by Blizz, showcasing fan art and continuing to build the community.

Dustin Browder says Heroes of the Storm is much closer to a World of Warcraft experience”


Kali notes:  “Then a tribute spawns or some chest spawns out there, and you’re suddenly running across the map to gather these dubloons. The game falls very quickly from one-versus-ones to five-versus-fives and back to one-versus-ones again. We were trying to get that feeling of it being a constant battle against the enemy team. You never know what you’re going to run into; you’re constantly battling against not just one or two opponents.” I totally agree with this statement, it truly makes HotS unique against the other “MOBAs”. I love this aspect and it really keeps you on your toes. I know they said the game feels like WoW, but I swear all I see when I play it is WC3…lol.

Since the character selection within Blizz is all over the place and random, they should open up a vote! *cough* BLIZZARD *cough*

Heroes of the Storm from the perspective of someone who knows absolutely nothing about Blizzard, it’s games, and MOBA’s in general (or at least that is for whom the article is being written).


Kali notes:  “All of these characters, choices and maps should not only please Blizzard fans, but open up a lot of depth for the burgeoning eSports scene. Blizzard has had success with StarCraft II and has even attracted an eSports following with the card-based Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft. Now, Heroes of the Storm is set to challenge all competitors. Watch out, League of Legends.” whoaaaa…challenge extended! How cool, can’t wait to see this come to fruition…and hopefully be good enough by then to participate on some level!

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