Unsure On What Hero is Right For You in Heroes of the Storm? Trikslyr Can Help!

ign arena trikslyr talks about heroes of the storm classes

Epic level CM Trikslyr sat down with IGN to give the 411 on the Heroes in Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm!

Here’s the link to IGN’s new MOBA page on YouTube, featuring my personal favorite Hero, Uther, in the banner image!

Hit the break for the embedded videos!



Trikslyr lays down the law on the Warrior class!

Think Support Heroes are just healers? THINK AGAIN!

Assassin’s in a nut shell? Here you go!

What exactly is a Specialist? Trikslyr breaks it down for you!

I hope you enjoyed these videos on the classes in Heroes of the Storm, I know I did!




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