Episode 15 – The Murk-inator! (Audio)

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What an epic show we had for you this week folks!

Your hosts Vincent (Rilandune), Mike (Fimlys), and Kali (NerdiChar) delve deep into the latest Heroes of the Storm news, including coverage of the 5th Developer Q&A, the announcement of Murky as an upcoming Hero, the sweeping UI changes we’ll see, new Hero Talent changes and MORE!

Hit the break for links to articles and embedded video!

Designer Insight: Clearing the Murky Waters


Murky Week Murky Reveal


Dustin Browder Quotation Article on WoW Insider –


Vaeflare’s Blue Post covering afk/hostile bannings


The Nexus Ultimate ShowdownSeason 1: Battle In the Storm


Murky Trailer!

The Developer Q&A video on Twitch (as of this posting they haven’t moved this to their YouTube page yet)

Watch live video from Heroes of the Storm on TwitchTV


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