Episode 10 – Technical Alpha News! (Audio)

HotSCast Audio ThumbnailThis week Vincent, Mike, and Kali talk about the Technical Alpha having been announced for Heroes of the Storm, the concept of “Talents being the new Items Build”, and in Heroes 101 we go over the Specialist class type and the concept of Feeding and Feeder.

Hit the break for the embedded audio and more show notes!

We have the list of the Heroes of the Storm CM team from Blizzard!  Here are there twitter handles so you can follow them for all the latest Heroes info:

@Vaeflare@Arctykc, @SpyrianBlizzard, @Trikslyr@CM_Katealyst with Senior Manager @kmicj!

During the show we discussed an article on talents being the new items, that was from Heroes-Live and can be found here.

Also on Heroes-Live was the article theorizing that Tychus would be the next Hero to be added, which we found out yesterday to be true!  So good job Squishei!

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